K-Directorate is an enemy of SD-6, and of the United States.

A critical, and highly dangerous arm of the Russian underground, K-Directorate
has an international presence, with satellite agents stationed worldwide.
This organization competes -- its "private" aims similar to those of SD-6 --
for the hoarding of Rambaldi artifacts and technology.

While SD-6 attempted to identify "The Man", Dixon, impersonating Jamaican
diplomat Darian Buchanan, met with K-Directorate contact Brandon Dahlgren in
a Las Vegas casino, to exchange the agent's ring with a listening device.

Later, the assassination of K-Directorate head Ilyich Ivankov in Moscow -- by
Mr. Sark, Director of Operations to "The Man" -- left Lavro Kessar in
command, during negotiations for the exchange of a key Rambaldi
manuscript...the one which also contains "The Prophecy." (more)

Irina Derevko
Alexander Khasinau

Source: ABC.com and wikipedia.com

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